Physical Therapy After Torn Rotator Cuff

Embark on a journey to optimal recovery with Bagley Physical Therapy, Miami’s leading team of physical therapists, specializing in rehabilitation after rotator cuff surgery. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional care and support, ensuring you regain full shoulder function and improve your overall quality of life. Explore how our targeted physical therapy for shoulder pain can make a significant difference in your recovery process.

Shoulder Physical Therapy

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Comprehensive Care for Torn Rotator Cuff Recovery 

A torn rotator cuff can significantly impact your daily activities, causing pain and limiting mobility. At Bagley Physical Therapy, we understand the challenges that come with this condition, and we are here to help. Our tailored physical therapy programs aim to restore strength, enhance flexibility, and reduce pain, guiding you back to your active lifestyle.

The Role of Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain 

1. Strengthening and Stabilizing: Our therapy sessions focus on strengthening the muscles around the shoulder to provide better support and stability. This is crucial for preventing future injuries and ensuring a full recovery.

2. Restoring Mobility: Limited range of motion is a common issue after rotator cuff surgery. Through a series of exercises and stretches, we work diligently to improve your shoulder's mobility and flexibility.

3. Alleviating Pain: Our therapists employ various techniques to reduce pain and discomfort associated with a torn rotator cuff. We are dedicated to providing relief and improving your overall wellbeing.

4. Enhancing Quality of Life: With Bagley Physical Therapy, the goal is always to help you return to the activities you love, pain-free. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you not only recover physically but also regain confidence in your shoulder's functionality.

Why Choose Bagley Physical Therapy?

Our clinic is renowned for its patient-centric approach, employing only the most experienced therapists who specialize in shoulder rehabilitation. We utilize cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide you with the best care possible. Trust in Bagley Physical Therapy to be your partner in recovery.


When can I start physical therapy after rotator cuff surgery? The initiation of physical therapy depends on your specific surgery and your surgeon's recommendations. Typically, therapy begins within a few weeks post-surgery, with gentle exercises to prevent stiffness.

How often will I need to attend physical therapy sessions? The frequency of your sessions will depend on your individual treatment plan and recovery goals. This will be determined in consultation with your therapist.

Is physical therapy painful for a torn rotator cuff? You may experience some discomfort as you work to regain strength and mobility in your shoulder. However, our therapists are committed to ensuring your sessions are as comfortable as possible and will adjust your plan as needed.

Can I do physical therapy exercises at home? Yes, our therapists will provide you with a set of exercises to perform at home to complement our sessions and expedite your recovery.

Regain control of your life and shoulder functionality with Bagley Physical Therapy. Our expert team in Miami is ready to provide you with the personalized care and support you need to recover from a torn rotator cuff successfully. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a pain-free, active lifestyle.