As a former collegiate tennis athlete and current tennis superfan who continues to play the sport, Dr. Bagley has a unique experience and understanding of all things tennis. He will take your game to the next level and help you prevent and recover from injuries in the process of educating about common tennis injuries and how to avoid them.

Tennis Lessons Miami

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Tennis Training Program

Improve your tennis skills and build endurance with Avi's tennis training program. Avi is a former college tennis player and has many years of experience teaching adults. He offers adult tennis training that is available for all levels of experience. 1-on-1 private lessons and group lessons are offered in Miami.

Tennis Injury Recovery and Prevention

Avid tennis players can develop pains and injuries from playing often. Some of the most common tennis injuries are tennis elbow, torn rotator cuffs, Achilles tendon rupture, jumpers knee, and back pain. Some of Dr. Bagley's many specialties include tennis injury recovery, and his goal is to get you back to playing tennis and doing what you love.