Pain modulating manual therapy
Cupping therapy pain modulating manual therapy

Pain Modulating Manual Therapy

Pain modulating manual therapy includes but is not limited to mobilization, manipulation, massage, trigger point, cupping, and Graston technique.
Avi uses an evidence-based approach when talking about manual therapy and assistive devices. He uses them as pain modulators to allow the patient to move and progress within the session to exercise therapy interventions with reduced pain. Though they provide a short-term effect, they help increase and educate patients on pain modulating and reducing techniques.

What are the Pain Modulating Manual Therapy Benefits?

Dr. Bagley focuses on an active injury approach to improve mobility function. Many patients he sees have been living with pain for years, and often it's a pain that they shouldn't have to live with. Dr. Bagley's pain modulating manual therapy will help with:

 Relieving Your Pain
 Strengthen & Improving Flexibility
 Improving Your Functional Abilities
 Coordinating Your Return To Work
  Education on most effective therapy techniques
  Prehab for injury prevention